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Sustainability Statement

Our aims to be a more sustainable hotel are:

  • To source responsibly.
  • We aim to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill year-on-year.
  • We aim to reduce our carbon footprint year-on-year.
  • We create rather than consume.

Here are a few ways that we are working to keep Lewtrenchard manor sustainable:

  • Biomass boiler which runs on waste chips from a local company heats the hotel.
  • In some rooms, we have installed rigid hardboard insulation and mineral wool insulation.
  • Installation of aerators is ongoing; this will help to reduce the amount of water that the hotel consumes.
  • Providing guests and staff with the option to minimise the amount of water being used by selecting a smaller flush.
  • We have installed waterless urinals.
  • We are installing smaller capacity cisterns on all of the toilets means that we are able to conserve the amount of water used.
  • We are installing low level, low energy and LED lighting throughout the hotel. In some public areas we have installed movement sensors on the lights.
  • We have a towel and linen change policy.
  • There are no fridges in the guest bedrooms.
  • All bedrooms have a shower option.
  • We are currently installing a mini control panel enabling guests to select the most suitable lighting in their bedrooms.
  • The kitchen has induction hobs as well as gas hobs; the induction hobs heat on demand through energy conduction.
  • The kitchen has excellent, natural conditions for a pantry area and dry food storage area.
  • Nose to Tail cooking makes sure that there is very little kitchen wastage by using every inch of the produce.
  • Menus are simple yet full of flavour, changing daily to ensure that full use is made of what is available in our walled kitchen garden, as well as local seasonal produce.
  • We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that they help us to reduce the amount of packaging we receive.
  • Sustainability is a part of the staff interview and selection process.
  • We ensure our staff are able to find a good work/life balance.
  • Our staff are encouraged to walk or cycle, to car share to travel to work.
  • We have an on line booking and reservations system and send the majority of our confirmations and information by email.
  • We re-use paper and only print when necessary, preferring to try and keep all details securely on our server.
  • We are switching from a hard bound paper diary to an on line system.
  • We have a popular guest book.
  • Our head chef, Matthew Peryer, produces daily changing menus to showcase the best of Devon and Cornwall’s produce as well as produce from our own walled kitchen garden.
  • Spencer, our lovely hotel dog, is available for guests to take to on local walks.
  • We promoted car free activities.
  • Our restaurant and bar are open to non-residents and locals.
  • We join in with and raises money for local charities and charity events such as Devon Air Ambulance and CHICKS. We also support the local community by supporting and fundraising for St Peter’s Church at Lew Trenchard and Lew Trenchard Primary School.
  • We buy from and use local suppliers, producers and contractors.
  • Outside we have low level lighting.
  • We have drought resistant grounds.
  • Our gardens have bee friendly plants.

Ultimately, we aim to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible, ensuring that we deliver a high quality, sustainably conscious businesses.