Soil to Plate Event

Martin Ashley

Tour of the Gardens

From a single seed, there surges life, a shoot pushing through the soil to eventually bear goodness in the form of both fruit and vegetable alike. At Lewtrenchard, we take advantage of the delicacies the soil provides for us, using fresh ingredients grown in our very own gardens in our dishes. Every time the chefs want to create a new dish, their first thought is to consider what we have actually growing – what is in season and what we have copious amounts of.

Soil To Plate is a celebratory meal, whereby the diners are first given a tour of our beautiful gardens, being given an informative and interesting talk about the various fruits and vegetables the garden has to offer at this time, by none other than our Head Gardener, Martin. Martin certainly knows his plants, pointing out when the bounteous vegetables are about to be dug up, or cut. He knows exactly when the asparagus has grown too high, or when the frost has spoiled any of the vegetables. He is a fount of all knowledge!

Cooking Demonstration

The second part of Soil to Plate is a menu designed to serenade the senses, as well as showcase the fruits borne by our very own gardens. On Tuesday 30th May, our capable and talented Head Chef, Matthew Peryer, created a delicious variety of dishes that catered to every palate. The actual meal itself was served in Purple Carrot, a room tucked behind the kitchen itself and contains three large televisions, displaying the kitchen. Here, they got not only to sample the menu, but also to watch as it was prepared in the kitchen itself.

Matthew started with a first course of Vulscombe Goats Cheese, Pickled Garden Beetroot and Candied Walnuts. The flavours in this dish extricate the earthly restraints, containing strong and creamy, tart and sweet flavours. The beetroot was seen earlier in the garden, now washed and prepared to be enjoyed by the diners, alongside the whipped goats cheese, which gives it a light and fluffy texture, broken by the sweetness of the candied walnuts.

Matt Peryer
Goats Cheese Dish

This dish was treated favourably by the diners, who enjoyed the explanation of the flavourings and the tart beetroot which they had seen not long before in the Lewtrenchard vegetable garden. The main dish was a Roasted Fillet of Cornish Plaice, Garden Asparagus, Scallop Tortellini, Lobster Bisque. Whilst the rest of the dish is certainly not found in the Lewtrenchard garden (we have a lack of wild lobsters), the asparagus was seen to be almost knee high in the gardens, creating a nice contrast with the richness of the bisque and the simple taste of the plaice.

For dessert, chef rounded off the experience with a Stem Ginger Pannacotta, Garden Rhubarb and Raspberry Sorbet. The rhubarb itself was delicate, contrasting the flavour of the ginger and off-setting the sweetness of the raspberry sorbet. Each of the ingredients from the garden was infused into a dish that didn’t just engulf the flavour, but welcomed it, making each fruit or vegetable a classic timepiece to the plate and allowing no flavour to overcome all of the others.

Our group of diners seemed to enjoy the whole experience immensely, proving that it has become important to us where the food we are eating is sourced – what could be fresher and more agreeable than actually seeing the ingredients being grown in the garden where you’re eating? Once again, a huge success, both for the garden and culinary side of the business.

Why not book for our next Soil to Plate and experience this all for yourself?