Our Promise to You

Lewtrenchard Manor understands that every customer has different needs, and we aim to make our hotel facilities available and accessible to all of our guests equally. In instances where this is not possible, we will endeavour to offer a suitable alternative.
We offer a range of facilities for guests with a perspective on disability including an accessible bedroom.
Please contact our Reservations Department to enquire about the aspect of our service on which you may wish to receive detailed information.
This might include our services in respect of the following:
• Accessible entrance
• Cloakroom and accessible bedroom
• Menus available in large print
• Assistance dogs welcome
Please take a look at our Access Statement here or contact the hotel on 01566 783222 for enquires

Protect the information you give us

• We will respect all the information you share with us, which means keeping it secure and confidential at all times, and never selling it to an outside organisation.
• We will endeavour to only send you information you’re interested in.
• We will continue to comply with all relevant laws, including the Data Protection Act 1998, Privacy and Electric Communications Regulations 2003, and the Telephone Preference Service.
You can view our Privacy Policy on our Terms & Conditions page here here. We value your privacy and will do anything we can to protect it.

Treat you with respect

• We will always be polite when we contact you, and when you contact us. That includes acknowledging any mistakes we make and working with you to put things right.
• We will never make cold calls.

Work collaboratively

• If you have a suggestion, a view or complaint, we want to hear from you. You can get in touch by sending us an email to info@lewtrenchard.co.uk or phoning us on 01566 783222.
We truly appreciate all our guests and endeavour to meet their needs wherever possible.