Our First Outdoor Wedding

wedding reception View From Reception

New Wedding Ceremony Room

Looking for a venue to get married at? Want to make the most out of our beautiful summer weather? But can’t find somewhere licensed that combines this?

Lewtrenchard Manor is proud to announce the licensing of their archway, which allows couples to get married whilst their guests sit in our beautiful courtyard. This brings the grand total of our licensed rooms to 5 in house rooms and now a 6th outside. Upon being licensed on the 21st April, our events co-ordinator, Vicky Lee, immediately contacted all of the weddings who were currently booked, offering this venue as a choice. Mr and Mrs Easterbrook immediately snapped up this opportunity.

On Saturday, the happy couple enjoyed an outside service, with guests managing to avoid the light showers and instead enjoying the warmth left over from our recent heat-wave. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful ceremony, already complemented by our stunning flowers that decorate the courtyard. The olive tree gave an Italian vibe to the ceremony. Who needs to go to Italy when you have Lewtrenchard’s courtyard?

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Soil to Plate Event

Martin Ashley

Tour of the Gardens

From a single seed, there surges life, a shoot pushing through the soil to eventually bear goodness in the form of both fruit and vegetable alike. At Lewtrenchard, we take advantage of the delicacies the soil provides for us, using fresh ingredients grown in our very own gardens in our dishes. Every time the chefs want to create a new dish, their first thought is to consider what we have actually growing – what is in season and what we have copious amounts of.

Soil To Plate is a celebratory meal, whereby the diners are first given a tour of our beautiful gardens, being given an informative and interesting talk about the various fruits and vegetables the garden has to offer at this time, by none other than our Head Gardener, Martin. Martin certainly knows his plants, pointing out when the bounteous vegetables are about to be dug up, or cut. He knows exactly when the asparagus has grown too high, or when the frost has spoiled any of the vegetables. He is a fount of all knowledge!

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